Saturday, August 8, 2009


Call us crazy, but we've decided to celebrate the end of the summer with what is bound to be the biggest challenge Dan and I have ever taken on together. That's right - more challenging than buying this house, more challenging than learning to share a bathroom, a bed, and a closet, and for me - even more challenging than trying not to puke while digging a dead cat out of the basement.

Friends and family, we are officially registered for City Chase Chicago 2009. NBC News Chicago calls it "A real life reality TV show... think Fear Factor meets The Amazing Race". Yikes.

Judging from this YouTube video from last year's event, the day is bound to be a lot of fun, a lot of scary, and a test of teamwork. Considering neither Dan or myself knows our way around the city all that well, and I am not particularly fond of heights or reptiles, I'm thinking our Blackberries and LOTS of encouragement will come in handy.

The event is coming up quick on August 22nd and I'll definitely be bringing the camera along for the ride so watch for pictures in a couple weeks!

In other news, apparently the electric wiring part of our snazzy new garage is NOT a priority to the company, since we have called every day since the overhead door was installed Tuesday and they have yet to schedule an appointment. So, our cars are still on the street and I haven't taken "final" pictures yet to post. :(

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