Friday, October 17, 2008

Who's in the Basement?

We have kitchen appliances!!!! And they're all stainless steel! My dream come true :)

Last night, we took the long ride out to the Sears Outlet in Elgin after not finding anything at the one closer to our house. Turns out it was more than worth the ride - nicer store, more options, much better customer service, lower prices, and most to our advantage - a stock guy looking to make some extra cash on a tip. First, the guy showed us a few refrigerators that had just come off the truck and weren't even priced yet - which ended in us deciding on this:

Next, we moved on to the ovens. All along, Dan wanted a gas stove and I wanted to stick with electric, like we have now. Lucky for me, Dan saw an electric one that he loved, and even when I picked out a different gas one he still wanted the electric! Besides having more buttons than could ever possibly be necessary on a stove, it has a couple scratches on the handle that bugged me a little too much, so Dan talked to our new stock guy friend and he had a new handle ordered for us, which will be delivered directly to the house within the next 2 weeks.

Our new oven!:

I think at this point the guy realized we were really hoping to purchase ALL of our appliances at that time... so he pulled us aside and asked if we wanted to see other options - in the store basement where customers are not allowed to go. So, off we went to another entire room FULL of appliances, where we found the dishwasher we were eyeing on the floor upstairs - brand new and still in the box. Since our stockroom friend was in charge of making the price stickers and does NOT work on commission like the rest of the store employees, he gave it to us for 40% off rather than the 30% off it was supposed to be. Sweet - another deal! And, I love it:

While we were in the basement the guy's manager must have heard us talking, and suddenly yelled down the stairs "Who's in the basement?!" The guy gave us the "run - NOW" look... and we did. We slid back through the door to the upstairs and walked around like nothing ever happened. I, of course, almost burst out laughing thinking about how shady the entire situation was... but if it means us saving a bunch of money, I'm ok with that. :)

Last was the microwave, which I can't find a picture of online... but it has a DIAL rather than number buttons, so we're pretty excited to see how that works.

Everything JUST fit in the back of Dan's truck and we drove with our emergency flashers on the entire way home from Elgin. Ha. Luckily, Kevin was able to come over and help Dan get everything inside. The best part? ALL of the appliances, with tax and out the door... just a little over $1,000. The oven alone retails for more than $1,900, so i would say we got a deal. :)

We're planning to buy our cabinets this weekend and then I can start posting real pictures of our kitchen remodeling in progress!

Today, Dan is at the house and has Dusty coming over to work on the electrical stuff we need done. There's also a plumber planning to come by, as well as a guy to look at the kitchen floor and estimate the refinishing. Bill, our best friend from the Village, is also planning to stop by to sign off on the balcony railing (which I need to post a picture of), so we can officially live at the house when we're ready! I'm hoping to get a couple rooms painted this weekend so we can start moving stuff over from the condo and my gramma's basement where most of our winter stuff is currently stored. Just over 2 weeks before we move in officially and everything is really starting to come together!

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