Monday, November 24, 2008

inches away

WE HAVE A KITCHEN!!!!!! And, it is absolutely wonderful and beautiful and I couldn't be happier about it. Our progress below... with pictures! :)

Dan and I primed on Friday, and painted 3 coats over the course of Saturday. I'm really kind of tired of painting and glad there's not much of it left. The color is "Cinnamon Cherry" and looks kind of overwhelming in the pictures, but it's actually a really pretty muted dark red. It's only on the 2 cabinet walls and the wall around the window and door... the long wall that leads through the kitchen and hall will be a beige/tan kind of color that I had custom mixed, but I'm not tackling that one until Dez comes over to help me with it :)

On Sunday, my parents and Dan's parents all came over to help, which definitely helped things along! With the dads helping Dan in the kitchen, the wall cabinets went up pretty smoothly -

So, no big project can happen without any minor setbacks, right? We definitely had a few, which was to be expected with the teeny space we're working with. First off, we had to lose the windowsill to fit the stove all the way to the wall, which I'm actually happier about because now there isn't a gap next to the stove for crumbs to build up... and really, what's the use of a windowsill anyways?

Next, the one base cabinet that we were going to have won't work. Sigh. It's crazy how the entire kitchen layout literally depends on an inch here or 2 inches there. We went back to the store tonight and figured out the best way to fix it, and we may or may not end up with a base cabinet in the end, but we put all of our dishes away last night and so far it seems like we would be ok without it.

Either way, we put all of the appliances in place and with the exception of the base cabinet issue everything fits perfectly... and looks great!! Here's most of the kitchen, not showing the fridge (which goes on the left side in the picture)... doesn't it look pretty?!? -

We'll use this week to figure out the base cabinet situation and get the counter top ordered, but the major work is done and our appliances are able to be used! No more eating out every meal!! I never thought I'd be so excited to eat at home, but I really can't wait to stock the fridge and use the new stove.

I'll post more pictures when it's completely finished... and then I'll invite everyone over for a dinner party! ;)

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