Sunday, November 30, 2008

right on track

Well, we've officially learned one good thing about having a teeny kitchen - it costs a LOT less! Case in point - our countertop, which we went to HOBO to order tonight. We decided a long time ago that we don't have the money (or need) for a fancy granite top, so we already knew we were going the "cheap" route. Originally, they estimated the cost around $400 for a laminate, which included a "professional" measurement and installation... not a bad price. But, we decided to wander around a bit tonight since there was a line for help in the kitchen & bath section, so we went to check out the precut stock countertops. Wouldn't you know it - they typically come in 96 inch sections, and thanks to our tiny tiny kitchen we only need 92 inches! We have no corners or curves needed, so who needs a professional measurement? The first one we saw had a brown and reddish marble look to it, which we figured would look great with our colors, complete with a backsplash... for $42. Yes, I typed that right - $42.

Needless to say, we bought the insanely cheap counter, and after watching some poor kid working at the store get a lesson in wrapping the thing in plastic wrap, we were on our way!

Doesn't it match well?!?

Here's a good closeup to show the color -

We solved the base cabinet issue earlier this week by returning what we had and buying a 9" base instead. The cabinet is small and meant for cookie sheets and things of that sort, which will be nice to have.

Dusty got everything set up for the dishwasher today, and we'll have the plumber come by to finish up the water line this week. Then Dan will cut the sink hole and install the counter, and with that... *drumroll*... we will have a finished kitchen!!! Just in time to make Christmas cookies with Manda - YUM!

We also took a trip out to Ikea tonight and came home with something I've been really excited about - track lighting for the kitchen! I'm hoping that by being able to direct the lights in different places we won't have the major glare on the wall that we have now, and spreading light from the 5 bulbs on the track will help brighten up the room.

We still need to buy a desk and finish up in the dining room but with the completion of the kitchen all of our major projects will be done! Our goal is to be fairly settled in time to relax a bit for the holidays, and then I'm sure we'll have plenty of little projects to keep us busy in the new year. :)

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