Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Seeing as I am slightly obsessed with the color turquoise (see my bathroom) and will buy nearly anything I can manage to justify in that color, you can imagine my excitement when I came across the blog "Everything Turquoise" a couple of months ago. Some of my recent favorites are on sale and begging me to find a place for them in the house.

How fun would it be to have these bright punches of color on the currently furniture-free front porch? Or better, out in the yard for BBQ's in the summer! Even more fun (and obviously much more affordable) would be to find some garage sale furniture and spray paint it bright blue.

I can't even explain how happy it would make me to serve chips and dip on a platter that MATCHES the outdoor furniture.

And hey, while I'm at it, I could chop up some veggies for salsa to go in that little dip bowl with this funky hand chopper.

Later, I can help Dan with a project with my very own TOOL SET!!! (Really, this item is the reason I decided to write this entire entry, I love the idea of having my own little set of tools - in my favorite color!)

And finally, although not specifically for the house, I would looooove walking around in these boots. Too bad they're Uggs and I find their pricing asinine and would therefore never actually buy them.


Barbara Vergere said...

I like turquiose too...I have two painting for you if you want them. I changed the color of my bedroom.

Let me know.

manders said...

O my gosh!!! those are ugg croche boots!!! sheridan is obsessed with those! they are really nice in turquiose

Steph said...

Kelly! I saw the biggest brightest turquoise house ever today and thought of you!!

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