Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kelly Green

How ridiculous is it that I am honestly looking up flights to NYC just for this -

"Call it a high-end rent party: former staffers of Domino, the effervescent decorating magazine that was shuttered in January, are having a tag sale and inviting many of Manhattan’s best decorating talents to spring-clean with them. On Monday, Dara Caponigro (far right), the magazine’s former style director, and Tom Delavan (near right), the former editor at large there, were unpacking boxes in Mr. Delavan’s Greenwich Village town house, pulling together three rooms — over 1,500 square feet — of choice effluvia. “When you are doing shoots, you accumulate a lot of stuff,” Ms. Caponigro said. “It was all just oozing out of my apartment.”

...Former Domino contributors like Rita Konig will also be turning out their storerooms, as will Wendy Goodman, the design editor of New York magazine; Brian Sawyer, an architect; and interior decorators like Katie Ridder and Tom Flynn, among many others. Deborah Needleman, who was Domino’s editor in chief, will be bringing clothes — a wardrobe that includes Lanvin, Prada and ChloĆ©, she said, “fancy party frocks from a nice former life I happily don’t have anymore.” (From The New York Times)

I mean really, based on this article, I could fly to and from New York, shop this sale, and still spend less money decorating my house with insanely snazzy stuff than I would if I just bought the items on ebay or something. Not to mention the fact that this route would have me spending a solid 12 hours or so in NYC, where I have never been and am just dying to go.

AND - tell me that "Kelly Green" poster perched on the table in the image isn't just begging to be hung on one of my walls. I googled the heck out of it until I found it, and I'm convinced the one at this sale is going to cost less than the unframed $50 print I found here.

Obviously, the reality of the situation is that I will be right here in good old FP on Saturday morning, while some trendy New York girls with big sunglasses and cups of coffee shop this amazing sale and pack their teeny apartments with great steals.



Caili said...

Oh, please. How the heck would you plan on getting this stuff home? Answer me that.

kelly (and dan!) said...

apparently you are underestimating the power (and space) of an empty suitcase missy!!! :)

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

That is a bummer!

That could have been a great trip!!

And I love that poster too!

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