Friday, July 24, 2009

Leaning towards lighter tones

One good thing about a not-huge house is that we didn't need a ton of new furniture. We did still have to take a couple of financial hits to buy some things, but everything we bought was on sale or off of craigslist (like our amazing dining room set). Either way, I'm partially thankful that it didn't take us long to furnish our new rooms, but also a little bummed that I don't have space for pieces like this:

Or like this...

Part of me thinks one of these could work well on the front porch, but such a light palate in a naturally dusty and dirty space just begs to look dingy in a matter of months.

As mentioned before, the UPS man made my day earlier this week with the delivery of my Pottery Barn rug. Naturally, I jumped over to Young House Love (previously This Young House, which I've mentioned several times here!) for some mood board inspiration. Seeing as I found the rug through one of their boards in the first place, I knew there would be some great eye candy for me to use as I complete the living room.

Here's two boards featuring the rug that I'm loving since both of them use a similar color palate to ours, the same dark wood tones that we have, and the white Ikea curtains I plan to purchase to replace the funky ones that no longer match.

I'm hoping to make it out to ikea this weekend, so hopefully I can complete the living room mini-makeover and post pictures soon!

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