Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm bored, sitting at work an hour after one of the last precious Summer Fridays was supposed to end, waiting on a file to release... for the third time. Everyone knows what I do when I get bored, right? I browse through beautiful images, drop my jaw over amazing photography, and drool over only half-necessary things for the house. Case in point... the below pieces, which I am currently lusting over.

A funky hanging pendant for the dining room. Either of these would look amazing and just the right amount of funky over our big dining room table. (From here and here)

Little details to polish off the living room and dining room area. These vases would work in either space, as well as the sconces... although I am picturing them in the entryway of the house with a crisp neutral wall color.

I'm pretty certain this rug would be the absolute perfect touch in our bedroom, warming up the room as a whole by softening the large space between the bed and the dresser. BUT, our white down comforter is in pretty dire need of a duvet cover (so it can remain white underneath), and this set seems like a great way to play up the brown accent wall the bed sits against. 

Decisions, decisions!

Not planning to purchase anything just yet, since I'm hitting up the Schaumburg Ikea tomorrow morning for a few needed staples and to finally get my hands on the right living room curtains... but seeing as I'm paying off my car (woot!) with my September 15th payment and feel like I deserve a reward for doing so six months early, a few of these little gems just may be in the near future of 9-oh-6!

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