Monday, August 3, 2009

Rome wasn't built in a day... But our garage was

I love Dan's clever title to this posting - perfectly fitting since the garage WAS actually built in one day, and also oddly contradictory since (just like Rome, ha) the overall garage project has taken quite a bit of time.

I guess part of me didn't believe my dad when he told me I was going to be shocked at how quickly the physical building of the garage would get done, but as usual, he was right. When I left for work this morning (late, because I was waiting around hoping to at least get a glimpse of the framing) all we had was a concrete slab... When I got home this evening we had an entire garage! I recall my dad joking that when they had their garage done years ago (by the same company we ended up using) he asked the guys if they air lifted the thing in there already built because he was so surprised it was done so quickly. Today, I felt a little like that.

Here's a couple pictures Dan got throughout the day when he stopped home to document all of this on camera for me :) -

And here's the "Cadillac of a garage" that was waiting for me when I got home!

Just looking at the pictures, I'm already glad we opted to pay the extra $200 for the 18' door (rather than the standard 16'). The overhead door and electrical work will be done tomorrow, along with the clearing of the mess currently residing in Dan's future parking spot... and with that we'll be able to park the cars and begin enjoying the latest addition to 906! Not ones to rest for long, we're already discussing yardwork and the possible beginnings of a patio for this coming weekend.

More pictures to come tomorrow, after I get the hang of backing my car in and get over the presumed thrill of pushing a button to open and shut the door. :) For now, I'll leave you with the best part (in my opinion) of the entire project -


manders said...

awwww, i cant wait to see it tommorow!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Bryan Dunlap's mom and he just sent me the link to your blog. My mother-in-law lived in your house from about 1923 until she died in 1990. The pictures are fabulous. You've certainly done a great job! Jan Walters

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