Tuesday, October 13, 2009

3-day weekends should be standard

Columbus Day is officially one of my new favorite days. In the past, I haven't had this wonderful random fall day off, but this year I did and it was glorious. While we still did plenty of laying around and relaxing, I also felt like we were incredibly productive over the 3-day weekend. "Productive" being a term I use loosely, seeing as I consider spending a long afternoon apple picking and outlet mall shopping "productive" since we both needed some new clothes and why wouldn't a gigantic bag of apples be considered a good thing?

Either way, our long weekend left me with so much to blog about I couldn't manage to pick just one thing last night, and ended up not blogging at all. Hopefully tonight I can get a couple of posts up, and then throughout the week I'll be able to post all of the apple recipes I've already tackled and a couple more I plan to try out while I'm holed up inside.

In the meantime, here's Yelp reviews for Oriole Springs Orchard in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, which is where we ended up going on Saturday. I LOVED the experience and loved the price even more. $18 for a GIGANTIC bag of apples, and huge pumpkins for $3 each! My original plan for Apple Holler would have cost us more than $18 just for parking and admission, and that's before the $40 we would have dropped on a bag of apples. So, I'm glad we did a little research and went to Oriole Springs instead. As the Yelp reviews state, Oriole Springs is "no-frills apple picking", and for us that was perfect. No hay rides, no corn mazes, no throngs of children running around. While all of that may be fun, it was more than we needed and the money saved alone made the smaller, quieter orchard worth it. Besides, just 1 block up the road from Oriole Springs is Harvest Time, which had cider in quart containers that are shaped like adorable teeny milk jugs, and we were able to grab brats and hot dogs for lunch there as well. YUM.

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