Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Considering the deep brown accent wall in our bedroom is one of my favorite little statements in the house, you'd think I would be all about showcasing some amazing piece of art or photography on it... but instead it has had 2 sad looking empty picture frames on it for months that I insisted Dan hang for me, and then never bothered putting any actual pictures in. It kind of drives me crazy on a regular basis, but in my own defense - I also spend quite a bit of time wondering just what it is exactly that I want hanging above my bed.

I've heard (read: seen in a magazine) that you are supposed to keep photos of people out of the bedroom, with the exception of photos of those who sleep in it (like a canvas of a favorite wedding photo, oh, love). But, that being said, cutesy pictures of us with our families and friends seem to be better suited to the living room... and I'm not exactly a nature photographer or anything... so what to frame?

I love the idea of skipping photography all together and instead hanging some cheesy line about love above the bed (such as "Always kiss me goodnight", which I've seen on several blogs), but I also love the idea of presenting it in such a way that the cheesy line isn't QUITE so sappy.

Like this:

(Saw it here)

See how the blocky letters on what looks to be painted wood planks kinda makes something cheesy like "You have my whole heart for my whole life" seem more like applicable art? I'm seriously considering copying this pretty closely, although I'd have to track down the letter stamps and maybe change the color scheme around to fit, and the size would have to shrink some seeing as our bed sits on a dormer wall.

Side note: Since I'm practically drooling over this image, I may as well mention that I am obsessed with those lettered pillows as well. And the antique mirror in the corner. And the thought of having a chandelier in my bedroom. The pillows seem like such an easy DIY project, too! As much as I heart Obama the "Yes we can" is a bit too catchphrase for me, but "Hope Believe Dream" is perfectly serene for a bedroom. Since I just scooped up 2 awesome accent pillows on clearance at Target last week, I could easily make-do with just the one little phrase.

Can you tell the typography here is making me giddy? Because it is.

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stacey said...

LOVE this! i kind of want to copy it myself! :)

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