Monday, February 15, 2010

In all of it's glory... The Hutch!!

Thinking back over the course of this blog, I'm pretty sure the infamous hutch is one of the things I have written about the most. I've been saying for at LEAST a year that we'd love to finish it, and now for the last couple of months I've been talking about the last little finishing touches that it needed before making it's grand appearance on the blog as fully "complete". Thanks to the long weekend, we were able to take some time today to screw on the backplates that I whined about for a month while I waited for them to come in the mail, and put on the doors that have just been leaning against the wall since we had the glass replaced over the holidays.

All in all, this was probably the most time consuming project we've tackled, so here's the documentation in pictures, with the gorgeous "afters" at the end!

As a reminder... here's where we started - several coats of paint, one broken pane of glass, destroyed hardware, old molding -

When we first got the house, I'd work on the hutch with the heat gun when Dan worked on other projects that I couldn't be much help with (like hanging the cabinets with our dads)

Then, over Christmas break LAST year (2008), Manda, Dan and I literally spent 14 hours one day working on it together -

Unfortunately, that was the last time for, um, a year, that we found an entire day to devote to the project. So, until Christmas break rolled around again a couple of months ago, the hutch sat just waiting for the finishing touches - more sanding, staining, hardware, new glass, snazzy molding.

Admittedly, even over break when I had more free time than I knew what to do with, Dan had to talk me into finishing the thing up. In my own defense, the sound of sandpaper is like nails on a chalkboard to me, so I wasn't particularly looking forward to that step. To make matters worse, I was continuously paranoid that all of our hard work wouldn't pay off in the end - what if I saw it all pretty and stained and wished it was just painted white again? In fact, after the first coat of stain dried I nearly had a breakdown when I thought it was WAY too dark, and for a minute we actually considered RE-stripping it and starting over with a lighter stain color.

Oh dear Lord I can be complicated sometimes.

Thankfully, I looked at the hutch in a new light (literally - seeing it in the daylight made a huge difference), and decided it looked PERFECT. I brushed on the second coat, Dan nailed on the molding, and we were able to step back and finally admire all of the time and work we put into it!

And then we got to wait a month for those darned backplates.

But, they're here now, and they're all in place and looking even better than I could have hoped. And with that... here are the "afters"!

Much-anticipated hardware

Fancy molding... and the little bowl that holds my wine corks.
Some of my favorite glasses.
The vase I got with a Christmas giftcard from the Lawlers. Love the crackled texture, and love even more how perfect it fits in the corner!

Isn't it great?!?


Steve said...


Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

It looks FABULOUS!!! I can't even fathom the work that went into that. Bravo!!

To answer some of your questions...
1. the furniture at White Attic... I am not going to lie... is insanely expensive for what it is i.e. cheap flea market finds that have been painted. I am talking $300-400 for a nightstand. Don't get me wrong - I am ALL FOR cheap flea market finds that you paint, but I just kept saying to my friends "You could do this yourself!" And it would cost SO much less... either way. The store was very inspirational! And it's out there for people who don't want to do the leg work themselves.

2. as for the bookshelves in my office! They are from... TARGET! Like $60-$80 or something. I am not seeing them online anymore, but I bought them in the store. They are such a basic piece, I'd be shocked if they discontinued it.

Again - great job on the mantel! I think I just might feature it on LCY sometime, if that's ok??


City Girl Chicago said...

It looks fantastic Kelly!

Sherry @ Young House Love said...

Amazing job! Thanks so much for sharing the link. All that hard work definitely paid off.

s (& j)

Barbara McAuley/Bond said...

When the family sat around the dining room table I had no idea the hutch was anything but white. Also between the two windows is where my aunt had the changing table and portable bath tub for my cousin Bobby mid 1940's. Hugs, Barbara..1st McAuley grandchild at 9oh6.

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