Monday, May 10, 2010

Bright Sunshiny Day

Oh, hello awesome yellow chair that will be residing on my porch in just a few short hours.

This baby is a steal at $30 (here's hoping it's in "great!" condition as the ad says), which saves me a whopping $130 since the slipper chair I was originally swooning over was priced at $160.

The best part about this find is that it will fit just as seamlessly into my front porch inspiration board as any of the other options I was thinking about.

(Don't mind the low-res photo I snatched from craigslist)

The deal I struck with Dan requires me to clean the entire front porch tonight after he drives me down to the city to pick up the chair, so if I'm not falling asleep by the time I'm done hopefully I'll be able to take a few pictures to post tonight/tomorrow!

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