Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Three Things

I'm back from two glorious weeks off of work, which I spent serving as an adult volunteer on two week-long service trips. As with every other trip of the sort that I've been on, the entire experience was the highlight of my summer. I'm feeling the same way I always feel after the trips - grateful for all of the wonderful things I have, but missing the simplicity of life in service. Today was the first time I steamed my clothes, put on makeup or blow dried my hair in almost 3 weeks and I can't say I missed any of those daily routines. The hardest part of community living for me has always been, and likely always will be, the showers, so I was super excited to get my own shower back, but the trips were so amazing I barely even noticed I slept on an air mattress the whole time, and considering we were fed like kings I can't complain there.

So, I'm back to the daily grind, and that means back to my blog! I hope everyone had a great long weekend. Here's what I'm drooling over at the beginning of this short week -

1. I really really really want this poster.

2. I need to make these. Stat. Minus the jalapenos though. And maybe with a diced avocado over the top after broiling. YUM.

3. I think I should do something like this to the window in our pantry that the old owner mysteriously decided to paint completely over in yellow for some reason.

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