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So here's the deal. I'm (more than a little) obsessed with Pinterest. There, I admitted it. I am happy to say that thanks to my constant prodding about it, Bridget finally joined up a couple months ago and she is equally obsessed. The majority of our conversations these days begin with something along the lines of "did you see that thing I pinned?"... and I love it.

Dan, and many many others, seem to think that Pinterest is a big fat waste of time, and while it very well might be in some aspects (say, when I spend an hour pinning instead of working or doing laundry), it is also a constant source of inspiration right at our fingertips. It has made me more creative and sparked countless craft projects, given me the courage to be a little more bold in my personal style, and helped me plan several dinners, parties and random get-togethers... among other things.

Last night while heading to dinner, Bridget and I got on the topic of Pinterest (shocking!) and I mentioned that it would be interesting for me to go through my pins and see what I've actually done. And because Pinterest is that amazing - I have done a LOT... and now I'm going to blog about it as proof that it's not all just pretty pictures and unreachable things (although I admit that some of it is)!

Here's a roundup of what I've pinned... and then actually done something with!


Clockwise from top left: 
  • I learned how to transfer a photo onto a block of wood, which I used for an art project here at work just this week
  • I made a ton of these handy little clothespin magnets with scrapbook paper with some leftover clothespins from the wedding
  • I lined the back panels of our dining room hutch with fun paper that instantly brightened it up
  • I painted the lyrics to our first dance onto a canvas as a Christmas gift to Dan
  • Dan an I DIY'd a headboard for our bedroom and used the shape I liked from this image


  • I made cupcake fondue for Kadence's 4th birthday, and we all had a blast decorating little mini cupcakes with tons of sprinkles
  • This gingerbread cheesecake trifle went to my gramma's house on Christmas Eve with us
  • Dan's cookies for our cookie exchange party were these snickerdoodles
  • Manda, Bridget and I indulged in apple pie ice cream in the fall
  • These little mini baked apple donuts were DELICIOUS and a huge hit at work
  • I made these peppermint snowballs as my contribution to our cookie exchange party


  • I've purchased a few pairs of pants that are NOT jeans, including some fun brights! The girl in this photo is someone who's daily outfits push me to try something a little bit outside of my regular
  • I already had a striped dress almost identical to this one, and have actually worn it to WORK a few times, which is really a big step for me
  • I bought a bunch of knee socks. I am in love.
  • I scored a pair of nerd glasses for $14 online and have been rocking them every day since they arrived. Girls at work have complimented me endlessly and one even said the glasses elevate my entire look. Awesome.
  • A girl at work and this tutorial taught me how to curl my hair with a straightener - SO easy
  • I exchanged a couple Christmas things and snatched up the perfect rose gold watch I pinned
  • Post-wedding, I got a layered sorta choppy haircut, just like Reese
  • After seeing a bunch of pins about a big top-bun, I tried it once on the weekend, loved it, and slowly gained the confidence to wear it to work... where I (again) get a bunch of compliments every time. I work with some sweet people!
  • I learned how to tie a skinny belt a bunch of ways


  • I learned how to make pinwheels to cover up un-pretty things at our reception space
  • My mom, gramma, aunts, sister, friends and even Dan joined forces to make hundreds of tissue paper flowers which made for awesome handmade centerpieces
  • I saw this quote and (finally) let go of the little things that didn't go my way on our big day
  • I ripped off this cute door hanger idea and put one in each of our hotel guest bags
  • Hair inspiration!
  • My mom used some guides from Pinterest to make flowers out of pieces of her wedding veil to attach to my teal shoes
  • I used this tutorial to make a fabric flower for my hair, which I adorned with one of my grandma's old buttons as a little way of having her with me that day


A few random ones here...
  • This punch was a hit at our cookie exchange party
  • I recently tried out an aspirin mask to reduce inflammation in my skin
  • I've been writing down one line a day as a personal reminder to be thankful for the little things throughout the year (I'm keeping mine in a little book rather than a jar, but got the idea here)
  • All the years of me throwing fits about annoying stickers on things got better when someone pinned this little trick of using a blowdryer to get them off
So there you have it - all the wonderful little things I've seen/found/done/copied off of Pinterest. And this, my friends, is just a snapshot of al the amazing things that site has to offer. Just ask Bridget.

You can see ALL of my pins here:

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