Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today while bored at work, I decided to catch up on a few of the blogs I follow on a regular basis. One of my new favorites belongs to my dad's cousin Jennifer, who's recipes have me CRAVING a finished kitchen to try them all out in. Thanks to her blog, I absolutely cannot wait to stock the pantry, turn on the oven for the first time, and make something for Dan to show him how much I appreciate all the time he's been putting in to the house during the day when I have to be here at my desk.

While browsing through my regular reads, I started clicking on other blogs that the writers linked to... and from there clicked on others... and others. Oh my. This could be serious trouble. I think I added nearly a dozen new finds to my daily rotation, and thanks to Blogger I can follow them all in one spot! Wedding blogs, photography blogs, cooking blogs, decorating blogs. There is so much eye candy out there that it's almost overwhelming. I'm already dreaming of a huge inspiration wall in our "office" at the house where I can plaster all of my favorite images.

So, although this posting isn't directly house related, I wanted to take the opportunity to say "hi!" to all of the new blogs I've become a follower of today. :)

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