Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Catching up

We're taking a break from the house and hanging out at home (condo) tonight catching up on our shows, having dinner together, and finalizing things for our renter who will be moving in next week. Since the kitchen floor at the house is half done and can't be walked on, it was a good reason to stay in and enjoy a quiet night at home.

Below are some fun pictures from last weekend at the house. Manda spent all day Sunday with us helping out, Sita came over to paint and join us at HOBO to buy our cabinets, and then Chris, Jeff and Tara joined us later for a little more painting, a dinner picnic... and our first backyard bonfire!!

While Sita and I primed the living room, Manda and Dan did some work outside.

Here's Manda helping Dan cut down a huge weed-tree in the yard:

And helping Dan power wash the front of the house:

Here's Dan digging the firepit:

And a couple pictures from our first fire:

Evidence of a good time...

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