Tuesday, October 28, 2008

crunch time

We're moving! After an entire month, it is finally time for us to start living in the house - beginning Thursday. We have LOTS that still has to be done in the coming weeks, but for now everything is in a good place for us to be able to start settling in a bit.

- The living room is painted and ready for furniture. I'm only stalling moving the couch inside because I'm afraid of it getting dirty :)
- Our plumber is moving the water line in the kitchen this morning, and once he's done with that today we can paint and install our already-purchased cabinets. It'll take a couple weeks for the countertop, but I'm most excited about getting the new appliances plugged in.
- The dining room is pretty much being used as a work room, storage room and overall messy room right now. It won't be completely set up or painted just yet, BUT my mom is coming over to help me get the chairs recovered with the funky fabric manda helped me pick out at ikea over the weekend.
- Our bedroom is painted and I LOVE it. The dark brown accent wall I was dreaming about looks as good in person as I was hoping it would and I can't wait to see it all set up with our furniture. Dan and Eric are attempting to move some of it today, but that will depend on if they're able to work around the mess I left while attempting to pack on Sunday. :)
- We bought shelving for our closet and the office closet (which will house our linens).

So, that's the quick update. I have a few random pictures to post but it may be awhile before I have the chance to get more up since we haven't bothered to call comcast yet to set up cable and internet at the house. I'm sure that will end up at the top of our list once we're moved in though!

I took off work Thursday and Friday, and Dan will be around with the exception of a couple scattered meetings. We'll also be there ALLLLLL weekend. So, stop by and say hi!!!

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