Friday, November 7, 2008


i haven't posted in awhile mostly because we haven't had time to set up our internet at home yet, and what's the fun of a post without pictures? oh, and i've actually been really busy at work and don't have a ton of time to blow off writing in my blog :). and speaking of work - i'm switching client teams! i'm really excited as i'll be working on a variety of clients that are more print-heavy in their work... right up my alley. and, it'll be new people, new projects - a nice change of pace.

we ARE finally getting internet next wednesday when comcast comes to do our install, and i can't wait to post a bunch of pictures then. i'll leave the update on everything until i have photos to support it :).

in the meantime, i've been drooling and dreaming over all kinds of fun stuff for the house that i plan to buy slowly as i make a little extra cash babysitting. it's, of course, all unnecessary, which i understand completely... but it all fits into that "vision" i have for the house, and then i just can't help it! and what better place than my blog to post things like that?!

today, it's all blues.

beautiful bedding... i wasn't sure anything that would match my colors so perfectly even existed!

interesting added elements... i think something like this would look really neat in the living room, in front of the fireplace or something

funky shower curtain...

actual pictures of our progress coming soon! :)

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