Monday, December 15, 2008

more inspiration

I have a ridiculous amount of pictures and progress to post tonight that I am really excited to show, BUT since I'm at work and my pictures are still on my camera at home... the real update is going to have to wait. I do, however, want to post a few pictures I found this morning through my blog roll. I've been looking for affordable rugs and getting a bit frustrated that they are typically so expensive. Although I'm sure these aren't the greatest quality in the world, I'm liking a few from Urban Outfitters. And, pricing is much lower than I would have expected - the largest of these rugs is still only $68, with the small ones going down to $14!

This brown would look amazing in our bedroom to pull the color from the accent wall... BUT I think I like it best for the living room.

I also love the idea of one of these more funky bold patterns in the living room. And, I think either one of them (especially the 2nd) would pull the pattern and colors from the dining room chairs into the room enough to make them flow together a bit better, but not so much that it would be overwhelming. I'm not sure how well the gray in the 2nd one would match the living room furniture, though. Overall, I think the brown above would work best to maintain some consistency, but bold choices are always fun to think about too. :)

Obviously, I love this. I just can't get enough of turquoise. This is a small 30 inch rug which makes me think it would be great as a bathmat... not to mention a perfect match in the bathroom!

This last picture is a little much for me, as I am typically a fan of solid walls and pulling patterns in with more subtlety. But, what I do like is the palette that the yellows on the wall create, specifically the mid-range color that's not too bright and not too dull. I really wanted to do a green in the dining room but now that it's time to paint it I'm second guessing myself! I may end up going towards a muted yellow instead...

Update with real house pictures tonight!!

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