Tuesday, December 16, 2008

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree!

Ok ok, so I didn't blog last night, but I did get a bunch of great Christmas season pictures up on facebook and have therefore grabbed a few of them off of there to show off here as well!

It's our first Christmas at 906! Here's a couple pictures of us decorating our tree... I love the lighting.

We still have some lights and other decorations to put up, but our living room is quickly beginning to look more festive!

As for other updates, we finally got the last base cabinet that we needed for the kitchen and Dan put it in last night. Dez and Kevin helped with painting the long wall last week, Dan will cut the sink hole tonight, and our plumber is coming tomorrow to hook everything up... and then that's it!!! A completed kitchen! Another room down, just a couple more to go...

We bought desks at Ikea Sunday night and I of course stayed up way too late because I was so excited to get everything set up. Dan had some extra desk chairs at work so we brought those home, and I'm going to use a small rug my gramma gave us to finish up the room. There are still a bunch of boxes in the office, but I'm hoping to get those cleared out tonight and then I can take pictures to post. We were also able to utilize all 3 of our bookshelves by moving the old standard one into the extra bedroom (another room I need to post pictures of!), which is great because we definitely need all of the shelf space. With the addition of the bookshelf, the extra bedroom has turned into a great little sitting room, which is nice since the downstairs is often REALLY cold and we're still working a bunch down there.

I still need to settle on a color for the dining room and then I can finally set up our table and chairs that have been sitting around on the front porch all this time. Hopefully that's something I can tackle this weekend, but I'll need to finish my Christmas shopping first!

One final picture... this is my new favorite of us. Even with our short little tree Dan needed to lift me up to put up the star, and thanks to our camera's self-timer I was able to get a picture! I love it!

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