Thursday, January 1, 2009

"it looks like a home!"

I've missed blogging!!! We were extremely busy - and blessed - this holiday season, and although I was lucky enough to have nearly 2 weeks off of work which should have left lots of time for writing, we've been working around the house tons and I've been without internet on my laptop, leaving me no way to blog unless I left off pictures... no fun! Tonight, I'm hanging out at my mom and dad's house while Dan sleeps off some of his fun from our party last night. What better opportunity to get online and post some pictures my mom took from the first official party at 906!

What would a party be without left-right-center? I, as usual, did not win a dime, but I still can't get enough of this game.

Check out the hutch in the background!! Dan, Amanda and I spent ALL day Tuesday stripping the wood and sanding it, and although I have vowed to never strip wood again, it's clear that our hard work on this piece is going to pay off and the end result will be beautiful. I can't wait until it's completely finished and stained and I can post a before and after shot. In the meantime though, it did a great job acting as our bar for the party - we're planning to keep it as a bar when it's finished as well.

Here's Jackie and I in the completely FINISHED kitchen! This picture doesn't really show the crown molding Dan put up, but it's a great final touch.

Look! Our living room is big enough to have a salsa dance party in! I love this picture of the Lawler's. It was great having our families together for the party!

I loved seeing people's reactions when they got to the house and saw how far we've come since we moved in. My aunt and uncle haven't been to the house pretty much since Halloween, as well as some friends, so it was a huge encouragement to hear their awe at how different and great the place looks!

More painting pictures and pictures of the living room and dining room pre-party to come as soon as I can get my laptop back online!

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