Thursday, January 22, 2009

oh, disposable income... I wish I had more of it! HA. Thankfully, I enjoy window shopping and browsing around online almost as much as real shopping. Well, maybe not almost as much, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Today, I found a table runner on sale at CB2 that matches my dining room chairs so perfectly it's crazy. Pair it with some bright placemats and a few fun plates and I'd have the colorful but subdued, trendy but modern look that I'm really going for.

While I've done mood boards in the past, I have a new found love for them after stumbling on this utter amazingness (I don't care if that's a real word or not) earlier this week -

This Young House

This young couple did what Dan and I did - bought a fixer-upper, realized they had a lot of fun doing (most of) the work on the house themselves... and then started to blog about it! Sherry and John took it one step further, though, and began offering custom design advice (complete with said mood boards) and solving design dilemmas across the country - all while posting it in the blogosphere for everyone out there, like ME!, to read. GENIUS. The best part of it all? Everything they did at their own house and nearly all of what they suggest for others is done with a "real" budget in mind. Add in lots more eye candy on their site and some paid advertising and this is a tried and true example of my dream come true - This Young House became so successful it is now Sherry's full time job! The two have also become regular contributor writers for several design and home publications. Seriously? Please can I have your life?

On another note, I realize I haven't posted much renovation/housework related goodness lately, and that's because lately, we haven't had as much to do! All of our major projects are done and we've really been able to settle in since the holidays. Of course, there will ALWAYS be plenty to keep us busy - such as patching holes like we did over the long weekend - but, at least for now, we're done with everything that took up huge bulks of time and money (yay!).

We DO still have our final village inspection at the end of the month, but there's little doubt that it won't go well seeing as Dan has done an incredible job of getting all the little things required of us together and ready. Fingers crossed!

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