Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last weekend, we threw a surprise party for my mom's upcoming 50th birthday. Besides my dad missing the entire thing due to the snow, which was a huge disappointment, we had a great time and my mom got to have lots of people who love her all together at once to celebrate her being "50 and fabulous"... even though she doesn't look a day over 35 :)

Here's some fun pictures from the party!

Surprise!!! See how Kevin is holding a broom in the background? That's because we told my mom it was a housewarming party for Dan and I - and she believed us! The broom was one of the gifts she brought us :).

Greatest cake ever!! A friend of mine at work did this amazing illustration of my mom.

We missed my dad!!! :(

Goofy siblings :)

Happy birthday mom! I love you!!


Barbara Vergere said...

Great people, great food, great time!

manders said...

Oh please send me that picture of me you and kevin!

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