Sunday, April 26, 2009

Garage Sales - Weekend #1

With spring and summer comes garage sales, and with garage sales come cheap treasures galore! This Saturday, our park district held a community yard sale where more than 30 families came out with items to sell. Despite the rain that morning and the fact that I went a little overboard with the wine the night before, my mom, Manda and I went to shop around a bit bright and early. I loved being able to just walk down the block to the park - so far I am really enjoying our neighborhood!

In the short time I walked around I grabbed three great $1 each steals that I'm loving having in the house -

First up, this great doormat that works perfectly on the porch coming in to the house.

Next, this pretty round stained glass piece that I'm planning to hang in the small window over the hutch where it will catch some great sunlight.

My final $1 find of the morning is my favorite of all. This picture frame was just screaming my name and I laughed for a solid 5 minutes about it. I think I'm going to have to get a plain frame and use letter stickers to copy this as a housewarming present for Mary. ;)

After coming home for a nap I decided to go back down to the sale later in the afternoon to look around a little more... and came home with something I have always always wanted... a papasan chair!

The chair was marked for $25 and I got it for $20, which is obviously not a practice of my best bargaining power, but I was way too excited about it to try and save another $5. Besides, these chairs are currently on "sale" for $199 at Pier One, so I would say $20 was a major steal either way! I dragged the frame down the block home and the seller was nice enough to deliver the cushion for me later in the afternoon. The chair is only a little over a year old and the cushion is in perfect condition. We already had the end table from Ikea so now all I need is a drink and a light blanket to curl up with and finish Eclipse. With garage sale season just beginning I am already well on my way to furnishing the front porch!

Total spent - $23. Success!

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