Sunday, April 26, 2009

Feet Up

In my never ending quest to "finish" our living room, I found myself checking the Harlem Roomplace furniture site on an almost daily basis waiting for the ottoman that matches our couch to go on sale. Seeing as it regularly costs nearly as much as we paid for our clearance couch there was no way I was buying it without a deal.

Then came last week's Bed Bath & Beyond ad and a completely different but still perfectly matching storage ottoman they had on sale! I managed to convince Dan to go out not 15 minutes after getting the ad in the mail and a few minutes later we were walking out of the store with this lovely little addition -

The handles sticking off the sides bug me a bit, but grab them and lift and you've got yourself storage (currently housing a couple throw blankets and our board games)... and if you flip the top over there's a handy tray for drinks and snacks! Absolutely perfect for us seeing as we notoriously snack while watching TV. Not healthy, I know, but at least now I don't have to worry about things spilling.

The ottoman also came with these two little foot stools inside, which match our decor much better than the gray ones from Target that used to be there.

I also realized while taking these pictures this afternoon that our living room IS much brighter than I thought in my last post. Thankfully the weather is warming up and that means the days are getting longer, which means more time at home in the evenings enjoying some daylight and not having to switch on the lamps right away. In fact, when I came home from work on Friday Dan had a couple of the porch windows open with music on while he did a bit of yard work out front... summer is almost here!!

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