Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Thanks to Everything Turquoise posts over the last couple of days, I am currently feeling drawn to slightly rustic touches such as this console table -

And these garden accessories, you know, for when I garden. Ha.

Really though, I am actually anxious to have a little garden out in the yard at some point, whether it just ends up being flowers or actually has some easy veggies for me to tend to. BUT, I will be waiting for next spring to give gardening a shot, since this spring and summer will be filled with projects to fix up the "yard" that is currently one big uneven mud pile.

After looking at our upcoming summer and realizing how little time we would have to actually build a garage ourselves, we decided to go ahead and get a couple of quotes to have it done and although we haven't nailed everything down yet, it looks like that is the route we will end up going. Phew.

Since we do still enjoy DIY projects, we're also talking about putting in a small patio off the deck, which I am VERY excited about. We haven't quite begun our research on that yet, but we are traveling most of May so it probably won't start until June anyways, which gives us some time to plan. With a patio and garage in the works who knows if we'll even end up having grass this year, but it's a start!

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