Thursday, April 23, 2009


Everyone that knows me and knows my blog knows that I am... let's call it... thrifty. In other words, I rarely pay full price for anything, and when people use the word "budget" to describe thousands of dollars in discretionary income I want to slap them because let's be real here - it just doesn't work that way for a nice chunk of us. Because of my ACTUAL budget that leaves little room for "unnecessary" items, I do a lot of window shopping and bargain hunting to find the best deal for what I'm looking for... and you know what? I love it!

Most of the time.

It's great to get a deal, it's exciting to know that we furnished an entire living room for less than $500 (and a generous recliner gift from the Lawlers for Dan), and remodeled the entire kitchen for just a few grand - including all new stainless steel appliances... but sometimes, I just want to buy something that I love and not wait for it to go on sale for fear of missing out on it (like the perfect-for-the-living-room rug that no longer exists anywhere in the Pottery Barn computer system... yes, I checked). And sometimes, I just want to buy things simply because they are so pretty and it's the little finishing touches that really make a room look "done".

And so I bring you a little collage of pillowy goodness that I am drooling over today.

While some of these are on sale for $25-$30... the regular prices jump quickly over $60 EACH. Are you kidding me? These pillows had better smell like lilacs all year round and be stuffed with gold flecks or something to justify that cost. Or maybe it's just me, being "thrifty". I simply do not understand how a teeny little pillow can cost so much.

But, clearly, that doesn't stop me from wanting them. :)

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