Wednesday, May 20, 2009


What a mistake. Two work friends and I decided to go outside for lunch, and wouldn't you know it, the LAST thing I wanted to do was come back inside and sit at my desk for the afternoon! The place we went not only has amazing sandwiches, but also has lilac bushes - my favorite - in a cute little garden below the patio where we sat. My parents have some of these bushes in front of their house as well and every time I catch a whiff of them I insist that I have to have them by my house. Doing a bit of reading online I've learned that not only are they inexpensive, but they're also low-maintenance... perfect! I'm sold, and plan to plant some small ones in front of the house as soon as the front porch windows are installed!

So, last night I wrote about my hopes of finishing the dining room hutch, and now here I am throwing another project out there. I figure I may as well post my entire summer projects list here to help motivate myself to keep moving on them! Maybe since it'll be posted on my blog I'll feel more obligated to keep up with it and post pictures for everyone to see :).

Summer Project List
- finish dining room hutch - complete stripping, sand and varnish, line back panels with paper, replace molding
- curb appeal - plant bushes and flowers in front of house
- fix up front stairs
- get a 2-car garage!!
- DIY - install a patio
- put up the hammock Dan's parents bought him when we moved in, and take a nap in it
- complete furnishing the front porch
- settle on curtains for the living room
- bathroom - repaint patches, replace molding, get a new shower curtain, put up a shelf to hold the green and turquoise vases I got at Ikea for 10 cents each
- finally finally FINALLY finish organizing and cleaning up the office

Well, I clearly have high hopes for the summer. Thankfully the biggest project on the list - the garage - will be hired out so I can leave for work one morning and come home to a beautiful new place to park my car. :)

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