Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I've been writing lately about my hopes for painting and decorating the office with a gray and marigold yellow palette, and realized tonight while thinking about the dining room hutch that I've gravitated towards that same color scheme on more than one occasion in previous inspiration-filled posts. Remember this patterned paper I planned to line the back of the hutch with?

While I still loooove this, I'm thinking I'd rather keep the gray and yellow to the office and instead tweak the hutch with some fun hardware like these knobs from Anthropologie's home collection that I am currently drooling over...

The only problem with these is that there are no drawer pulls to match. While I'd be happy to use all knobs, I think the existing holes from the old hardware may be tough to fill in without them being too noticeable. The hardware that was on the hutch when we got here is silvery and vintage, but some of it was damaged under the layers and layers of paint we removed. Anyone know of other places to get fun matching hardware like the ones above?

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