Monday, July 6, 2009

Making Friends in the Blogosphere

Earlier this summer, I stumbled across a (new to me) photographer's website and instantly went into that mode I get in when I'm looking at something that honestly takes my breath away and makes me wonder how I ever lived without the eye candy that is whatever I happen to be gaping at. Unfortunately for me, I found this one while I was at work (it was a slow day, give me a break), so I'm sure at least two people walked past me wondering why the heck I was staring at my screen eyes wide and jaw dropped wide open.

So being the little blog fanatic that I have turned into, I decide to post a comment on this random website I happened to come across just to tell them how freaking amazing I think they are. And faster than I can even bookmark the page guess what happens? I get an EMAIL back from the guy telling me that HE checked out MY blog and aren't I just so flattering for taking the time to tell them how incredible they are... and so it began. I write back, he writes back, we chit chat about how we should totally meet the next time they're in Chicago, his wife (and other half of the undeniable talent) gets home and SHE takes the time to write me as well (!!!), and next thing you know I have plans to meet them just a couple weeks later for afternoon coffee in the city.

(Take a minute to picture me literally shrieking at my computer about all of this, because that is EXACTLY what I did)

Thankfully, I have Lauren at work, who is recently engaged and happens to love beautiful images and funky blogs just as much as I do... so I called her over (like 4 times) and she shrieked a little right along with me. This is why I have friends like Lauren, you know, to make me feel better about my ability to spaz out (in a good way) over something like finding a new blog to follow.

So back to the story, which I will shorten up for your reading pleasure. I invite Lauren along for my little shindig with the amazing photogs, fiancee Tom plans to join us, date creeps up quickly, 95% of my department goes on vacation at the same time leaving me insanely busy... and I get stuck at work 3 hours late on our half-day before the long 4th of July weekend which just HAPPENS to be photographer meeting day. Stick a needle in my eye or something, because I was *this* close to crying at work about it.

Now here's where this gets good. I'm sitting at my desk feeling sorry for myself and trying to finish up my work so I can enjoy one of the 4 nice days we've actually had in Chicago so far this summer... and all of a sudden here comes Lauren and Tom walking through our deserted office WITH THE PHOTOGRAPHERS who have walked all the way back to Upshot just to meet little old me. Seriously?

I'm pretty sure I blushed. Actually, I know for a fact I did because not only were they as incredible as I expected, but they brought me a cupcake with a smiley face on it because they felt bad I was stuck at work. And they made sure to get vanilla because they heard I was allergic to chocolate. Really. People this nice really DO exist!!!

So, my friends, without any further rambling about it... please go and check out my very first blogosphere friends... Ben and Mindy Peterson - the absolutely incredible eyes behind Studio 6.23.

(Now that I have linked you to their site I am going to go ahead and assume you are as utterly consumed by their work as I was and will just end this by saying "HI!" to Ben and Mindy, who really and truly are two of the nicest people I have ever met.)

- - - - - - - - - -

House related posts coming soon... if this darned garage ever gets knocked down...

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Kim said...

Hey, there is nothing wrong with meeting people online ... I should know :) (And it's not just Mike I've met -- quite a few very nice bloggers as well.) I'm glad this story turned out so well!

(They are VERY talented btw. Love the photos.)

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