Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh, happy day

So if you read this blog at all regularly, you know that I previously had a slight obsession with this rug from Pottery Barn...

...but by the time I talked myself into spending the money on it, it had sold out. I went to several stores, called corporate, scoured craigslist... no luck. Eventually, I moved on and decided to focus on curtains instead, so I bought these...

...and while they are a near perfect match to the colors of the living room, dining room, and our furniture, they are much heavier than I was expecting and don't bunch up to the sides anything like shown in the picture, which leaves me unable to really open them to let the daylight in.

Cue the three and a half minutes I had to breathe all day at work yesterday and I decided to jump online to check out the new Crate & Barrel stuff I got a glimpse of in the Fall Preview catalog. This type of browsing almost always leads me from one website to another, and I found myself checking out the sale section at Pottery Barn. And then all of a sudden there it was - my rug, back in stock, on sale, and absolutely begging me to just buy it already and not putz around and let it go out of stock again. Poor Dan has had to endure me looking for another rug and never liking anything as much, so when I called him thrilled about this being available again and saying that I just had to buy it... he said "ok". He's so wonderful.

So that's that! The rug is ordered and it should be delivered next week sometime, and I will be sure to post a picture right away.

AAAAAAND... the garage is being demolished TOMORROW! The timing is working out perfectly - they're coming early and I am working out of the office tomorrow and starting a bit later than usual so I'll be home in the morning to watch and take pictures!

I. Can't. Wait.

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