Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm sorry shack, we had some good times

In an effort to beautify the outside of our property, catch up to the rest of the neighborhood aesthetically, and mostly - have somewhere that both of our cars can go... we're getting a new garage! This is the most expensive project we've done at the house so far, so I'm more anxious than usual to see it all finished and start getting our money's worth out of it.

All of the permits got approved last week, so the long process began today with my favorite part of every project - demo! Unfortunately I missed seeing it live, but Dan took some great pictures for the blog.

Now if you haven't seen our garage, be forewarned... Although structurally sound, I liked to refer to it more often as "a scary shack just large enough for my little car". It had no electricity, which means no automatic door and no light. The roof was flat, making it look even more like just a box with siding. I could go on and on... but instead I'll just show you the before pictures!

(It did have a door on the front, it was just opened already in these pictures from this morning)

In between the garage and our neighbor's house were what we refer to as "weed-trees" - weeds so large they are essentially small trees. Here's a couple pictures of Dan up on the garage roof cutting some of them down a couple weeks ago to prepare for the demo -

And finally, pictures from this morning's demo! Look - the whole front half of the garage is gone in this picture -

And there goes the roof...

And a whole wall!...

Time to get rid of the concrete...


They yanked this out of the ground... this was a WEED!

So, tomorrow there is a tree removal company coming to get rid of the last couple tree stumps that the bobcat couldn't get out, and next up is the new concrete. Once it's all down, it takes 7-10 days to set, which is sure to be quite a test of my patience... but then the new garage will go up and my dad says I'll be shocked at how fast that happens. I'll continue posting pictures as everything moves forward!

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