Friday, July 10, 2009

America's Next Top Cupcake Models

I wish I were clever enough to have come up with this posting title, but alas, I am not. Ok, I have my moments, but really - this was was all Tom, who just happens to be Lauren's fiancee and another work buddy of mine. Tom and Lauren have a new blog together, and seeing as he is a genius copywriter and she is witty as they come, their postings so far have managed to crack me up more than a few times.

Now, (if you haven't clicked over to their blog yet) you may be wondering how this all has anything to do with cupcakes... and modeling. WELL, the other day on Twitter I see that Foiled Cupcakes is looking for cupcake models to pose with their little mini cakes made of bites of heaven... and you'd better believe I immediately saw the need to be a part of that. I passed it on to Lauren and a couple of survey questions later we were both chosen to be a part of the fun this coming Monday! While this is all exciting, my favorite part of the entire process so far has been reading Tom's thoughts about our "audition", which he posted on said blog and I am pasting for you right here with hopes that you laugh just as hard as I did at it:

"Today, Patty tried out for America's Next Top Cupcake Model. Kelly tried out, too. I imagine the next few days at work may be interesting—like watching an episode of the Real World all hopped up on sugar-filled dreams of stardom with estrogen sprinkles on top. Sub-plot: the current state of the economy and the rising cost of cupcakes at designer boutiques."

HA! Seeing as Lauren and I did literally squeal at my desk when we checked my email this morning and realized we'd both been picked, I would have to say Tom's predictions were dead on.

Keep an eye on Foiled Cupcakes over the next few weeks to spot Lauren and I on the flavors page, along with 18 other cupcake models whom I'm excited to make friends with!

Happy weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Can't wait to model with you! :)

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