Sunday, July 12, 2009

Publish Me

Thanks to selective advertising on Facebook, I've been getting a lot of sidebar ads on my page for Blog2Print, which is exactly what it sounds like - a site where they will take your blog, and print it into a book! The cool thing about this site is how absolutely simple it is... you type in your blog address, let it do it's thing, and just a couple minutes later you can click through and see the pages of your book complete with a title page and table of contents.

Here's a couple screen grabs of what 9-oh-6 would look like in book format (click to enlarge)-

Pretty cool, huh? However, thanks to the length of 9-oh-6 thus far, I am nowhere near falling into the $14.95 category (20-pages or less) advertised on their homepage. Already, my book would be just over 100 pages... and therefore already costing more than $50.

Although a little pricey, I'm certain this would be a really great keepsake to invest in later this year to celebrate our one year anniversary in the house. We moved in on Halloween, so our moving day is an easy one to remember. I'm thinking I'll have to post something that day about our first year, and then I would love to turn the entire blog to date into a book!

While Blog2Print is easy and simple, I think if I'm going to make the investment in having a blog book, it may as well be amazing right? That's where Blurb comes in. Not much pricier than the other site, Blurb lets you format your entire book page by page (if you wish), and has options for several different book sizes such as a compact 7"x7" square or a coffee-table-worthy 13"x11" large landscape. My favorite feature has to be that for just a few dollars more you can choose to have an image wraparound hardcover rather than a dust jacket for your book - something I feel would give the finished product a really classic, professional feel.

This is just screaming Christmas present to myself, don't you think?

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