Friday, August 21, 2009

Macro Yard

I spend a good amount of time getting mad at the lack of contrast balance in our camera, and whining about how it often ruins what would otherwise be perfectly good pictures. But, in the middle of our yardwork I decided to play around with the macro setting for some closeups of little things that are otherwise ugly in the grand scheme of our messy yard. Turns out, with a little patience and a fancy setting, our camera isn't half bad!

Below, a marble Dan found while running through with the tiller, sitting with a nickel (also found) and a beer cap (courtesy of Dan); a patch of clovers that survived two rounds of "The Beast" tearing through the yard; one of the only little flowers still alive after a summer of nowhere to plant them; a few of the large pile of rocks dug out of the ground throughout the yard.

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