Sunday, August 23, 2009

And the green grass grows all around, all around...

Our hard work is beginning to pay off - grass is growing!

Dan just cleared all of the dirt and weed piles off the sidewalk yesterday, so unfortunately up until then we were forced to walk over the seed, which I'm sure is why the foot or so of space right next to the sidewalk isn't really growing. With a little more TLC, though, it looks like we'll have a full yard of grass before winter, which was the goal!

Here's all of the firewood that used to be stacked in the back corner of this picture. Lauren - those big bottom logs are calling your name! ;)

And one more picture to round out the weekend... the Pottery Barn rug in all it's glory in the living room. Doesn't it work perfectly with the color scheme? I love the pop of pattern among the darker toned ottoman and wood pieces.

You can sort of see the mismatched curtains still on the window behind the couch - I went against my gut and bought different white curtains at Ikea and didn't like them, so I still need to go back and exchange them for the ones I originally set out for. Until then, the patterned curtains I bought before I got the rug will stay, because I have major issues with huge open windows and insist on something covering them.

Still trying to make more progress on the Summer Projects List, we're thinking about finally tackling the hutch this coming Sunday. I'd also like to get bushes out in front of the house, seeing as the end of August is perfect timing according to my dad!


Anonymous said...

Two things:
1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rug. It's perfect!
2. I want those logs.

kelly (and dan!) said...

they're yours!!! let's plan a double date night... you guys can come over for dinner, the boys can play with the chainsaw, and we can... do something that does not involve a chainsaw.

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