Friday, September 11, 2009

House Tour - Kitchen

I posted waaay back in March about wanting to do a before and after house tour feature to showcase just how far we've come since we bought our little 9-oh-6. Clearly, I forgot about that until just now, because why wouldn't I think about that on a random Friday night? Either way, I took some bright and beautiful shots of the kitchen several months ago when I was trying to get it featured on This Young House... which never happened even though they sent me an email just RAVING about our kitchen makeover... but I digress. I love our kitchen and am insanely proud of the nearly-non-existent budget that we worked with, and although I've posted about it all in bits and pieces before, here's the down and dirty "holy crap what a huge transformation!" post about our teeny tiny cooking quarters!

To begin the "tour"... here's some before pictures. The layout of the room had me utterly confused and as you'll see... we drastically changed it.

So, we gutted it. Took down all of the old cabinets, found a scrapper who was thrilled to take the appliances, knocked out half of the long wall to have the plumbing and electrical redone, and tore up several layers of floor to uncover the hard wood below - which we then had refinished.

Our $42 countertop, appliances for just over $1,300 TOTAL, and all stock cabinets from HOBO left us with a brand spanking new kitchen for just a few grand. Seeing as we did it all for less than what some people spend on a new stove alone, I'd say this was one of the most budget-friendly makeovers I've ever seen. Without further ado, here's the amazing "afters"!

Oh, beautiful.

Stay tuned... the living room and dining room will have posts coming soon!

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