Thursday, September 10, 2009

No, really, a cat died in my basement

Neighbor: Wow, you two have really been busting your tails over there at the house! What's next?

Me: Well, we need to do some work in the crawl space under the front porch. We were going to have it done professionally but it's insanely expensive so we're going to tackle it ourselves instead.

Neighbor: The crawl space?

Me: Yeah... well... we sorta had a cat, um, die down there... so we need to close it up so it doesn't happen again.

Neighbor: A cat?! Was it the big orange one?

Me: Uh... yes?!?

Neighbor: Man, that thing has been hanging around your house for years.

Me: Well, it died in my house too.

Go figure.

I suppose I feel a little better assuming that if it's been hanging around my house for ages it didn't belong to some poor kid who's now crying themselves to sleep at night missing their pet.

And since this story is everyone's favorite... here's the link back to the original post if you just HAVE to read it again.

1 comment:

manders said...

thats hilarious! good to know it doesnt belong to someone. hahahaha

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