Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I have been looking for a site like this for AGES. Seeing as I am a terribly paranoid person about everything under the sun, it should come as no surprise that I am also veeeery paranoid about food and how long it keeps for. If I take meat out of the freezer to thaw in the fridge and it's not eaten the next day, you'd better believe it goes in the garbage. If produce even STARTS to look wilted we won't touch it, and I'd probably be embarrassed to calculate the cost of all the lunch meat I toss if it's not consumed within my little personal acceptable window of time. For two people that give up a Friday night a month to feed the homeless, you'd think we'd be a little less wasteful, but that is unfortunately not the case. In my own defense, I blame a large chunk of my food paranoia on my horribly weak stomach - I have a hard enough time not getting sick from food that is beautifully fresh, there's no room for experimentation with one-day-too-old meat. However, I'm hoping this handy little tool can help curb a bit of my fear, and ultimately save us some food - and therefore, money!

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