Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh, Christmas List... Round 2

I really and truly wish I had more to do at work today... but I don't. Thankfully, the rest of the week does not look to be as dull, since I do get a little stir crazy without much to do. So, to waste away a bit of the morning, here's a few more things I'm definitely putting on my Christmas list. While the first installment of my Christmas list was full of fun items, this portion leans a little more towards things that are actually useful...

First up is the Orange Beautiful 2009 "perpetual" calendar which I have decided I really and truly just HAVE to have. With switch-out cards for each day of the week, each month of the year, and each date, this can be used forEVER, or as long as the beautiful letterpressed 140# heavy cover stock cards hold up. SWOON.

In cheery yellow, this would go great on my desk at work... or perfectly match my hopes for our home office color palate. Although currently listed as sold out in their etsy shop... it looks like there are still some available over at Supermarket

Another office goody, I've been eyeing one of these Pantone business card holders for ages. Available in a mess of fun PMS colors and sure to keep all of the cards I collect in one place, the organizational color freak in me loves this.
Does the fact that I want a little thermal lunch bag a-la-5th grade make me a nerd? Not having to shove my sandwich and baby carrots in my purse makes me not care, and the idea of having something to tote my snacks along in that is NOT a plastic grocery bag makes me happy. Besides, this fun turquoise color is my favorite and would be easy to spot in the three fridge wide mess in my office kitchen.
Oh look, something else in turquoise! This infinity scarf is a chunky knit and can be worn a bunch of different ways depending on the level of bitter cold in Chicago. 

Finally, ever since one of my first issues of Bon Appetit wrote about this snazzy chef's knife, I've been noticing just how much it would help in the kitchen. Considering I'm no professional chef, I know that super expensive knives are unnecessary and out of the question... but this bad boy sells for a mere $20 and is loved by chefs and caterers alike

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