Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh Christmas List, Oh Christmas List...'s never too early to start one!

I can't help but start my holiday drooling a little early this year, with all the blogs I follow, among others, tempting me on a DAILY basis. Here's some things I am already lusting over...

The One Line A Day Journal, for people like me who wish they were avid journal keepers, but... are just not. This trendy little book has a teeny little section each day for the next five years!

This aaaaadorable little salt and PEEP-er shaker in one would look so much snazzier on my dining room table than the current plain white set looks -

Orrr... maybe I'd rather this owl pitcher, which would compliment any table and sit pretty in the hutch when not in use.

Finally, tell me this necklace isn't (quite literally) screaming my name?! -

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