Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Halloween @ 9-oh-6

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving... so what better time than now to FINALLY blog about Halloween?? I know, I know, I'm waaaay behind. But, I can't complain. Although work has been a little crazy lately, with the holidays looming over us I'm thankful for my job and grateful that the company I work at has been able to thrive this year through some really crappy times. My insanely busy days haven't left much room for blogging, but I'd rather be busy than not have anything to do at all! Regardless, today is a wonderful half day before the long holiday weekend, and it's quiet and slow here. Apparently it is also pajama day, but I missed that email and got dressed this morning. Oh well.

Considering Halloween was our one year anniversary of living in the house, we decided to go all out and invited quite a few people, and ended up decorating both the house AND the garage, which made for a fun all-over party. Here's the pictures!

First up, our "blood covered sheets". These were an attempt to cover up the furniture in the house while creating a "murder scene" as part of our decorating. Great idea, right? Wrong. Our red wine, red food coloring and corn starch mixture looked really cool, and we even thought to put plastic down on the furniture before tossing over the sheets. However, throughout the night as people sat on the couch the plastic under the sheets shifted, leaving the sheets directly on the furniture... which left a nice pinkish cast of food coloring and wine on the light tan couch and recliner... not particularly cooperative ingredients in stain removal. Oops. Thankfully, Dan and Jeff noticed right away when the party cleared out and immediately took a bottle of seltzer water to the furniture which helped the stains to not set in too much.

Here's Bev and Dan "mounting" their leaf-stuffed dummy for the yard -

Some fun party pictures -

Bridget is finally 21!!!! -

Dan and Michael as Mario and Luigi... and acting out Mario moves. HILARIOUS -

Me and my Mary as the Blues Brothers... only cuter :) -

Flippy cup in the decorated garage -

Old friends = my 2nd family -

A big thanks to Bev and Mrs. Lawler for their help decorating, and another round of thanks to everyone that joined us for the party! We hope you all had as much fun as we did celebrating!

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