Sunday, November 22, 2009


Let's be honest here, I am not trendy. My facebook status usually calls for a "hoodie day" at least once a week (or more in this crisp weather), and I think in my nearly 2 years at my casual dress code job I've stepped out of jeans a grand total of 3 times. If I ever were to move on and go somewhere that requires a dressier style, I would literally need an entire new wardrobe. All of that being said, I still have my moments once in awhile where I want something a little different than my norm, maybe something to stand out a bit - although "bit" is definitely the keyword there.

Manda and I trekked down to the DIY Trunk Show yesterday, and although a lot of the booths were the same crafters we saw over the summer at the Renegade Craft Fair, we were happy to find a few that we hadn't seen before. My one purchase of the morning came when we met Crafty Lady Anne Holub, who was selling a Kelly-priced version of the Necklush, a fun little necklace/scarf thing that I saw on Etsy awhile ago but wouldn't spend the money on. Anne was selling a soft gray version made out of jersey tees for $7, and although not as thick as the original Necklush, it's a perfect little subtle statement piece for me.

(Images are of the original Necklush)

On another craft-related note, I saw the perpetual calendar from Orange Beautiful that I was completely hooked on and was disappointed to find out that it was much smaller than I was expecting. Manda pointed out that from the pictures she saw, she was expecting it to be smaller than it actually was, so maybe my perception was just off when looking at it online. Regardless, although I love Orange Beautiful, I'm back to hunting for the perfect 2010 calendar.

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