Friday, February 19, 2010

Little Touches

So, I'm bored at work today. REALLY bored. So bored that I sent out the "if anyone needs help, let me know!" email that my manager refers to as the kiss of death. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a single response, which likely means I'm not the only one wasting my day away on the internet. Also unfortunate is the fact that when I am this bored and spending my day browsing all of my regular favorites... I end up also spending money. Oops.

I was clicking through one of my newest favorite blogs - Live Creating Yourself - and checking out friend in the blogosphere Alaina's newest photos of her apartment when I realized she had the beloved Andalusia Rug from West Elm (she found hers on craigslist!)... so I went on one of my little rug kicks where I scour the sales at my favorite sites looking for something affordable to jump out at me. While I didn't find anything amazing for the bedroom, which I've been looking to spruce up lately, I did see something that made my little heart happy -

The quirky little "Carpet Diem" rug that I vowed to buy for my kitchen... and then forgot about... on sale for $9.99 down from $19.99. Oh, happy day.

And wouldn't you know it... I just went back to the website to get the direct link and this awesome mustard yellow color is no longer available, which leads me to believe I may have gotten the very last one. Phew.

Since shipping was looking like it'd be $6 either way, I went ahead and treated myself to this awesome jersey shag pillow that I am already excited to toss on the bed. This little guy originally went for $28, which is WAY out of my pillow price range (it's just a pillow, why on earth would I spend more on it than a pair of jeans?! I'm cheap, I know, but it works for me), so I jumped on it at $9.99.

Looks like this find is still available, and also in a seafoamy green.

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