Friday, February 19, 2010

Bedroom Makeover

Well, it's official. I need to lose the blue in the bedroom. Why, you ask? So I can have THIS:

It's the first room board I've made myself and I am 110% in LOVE. The best part is that I already have the majority of the pieces in the board above... and the rest are little accents that will be easy to pull together!

- The dresser, bed, brown accent wall and pillows are all already in the room, with the exception of the cream shag pillow which I just ordered today. What's even better is that the little navy blue pillow in our room was Dan's as a child and has a felt Peter Rabbit on it. It's one of my favorite little things in our house.

- The light blue block of color in the bottom left corner is there as a stand-in for our simple Ikea super sale bedding, which I cannot find a picture of ANYwhere online. But, it's that color, so it works.

- I found a great 6x9' Crate & Barrel jute rug on craigslist today - $35 and it will be mine tomorrow morning! Here's hoping it's in great shape as the ad says.

- Thanks to my new neutral color palette, my dream of silver-leafing my new-to-me nightstands is definitely in the plans. I'm excited to see how the mix of furniture tones will work in the room.

- I have all of the supplies for my knockoff version of the insanely expensive "You have my whole heart" artwork. I'm thinking about working on it Sunday since Dan has a long day at work, but I'm honestly a little more anxious about the nightstands and may tackle those first.

- Due to the lack of electric sockets in our bedroom I can't have lamps on the nightstands like tons of people do. But, I like the idea of spray painting a cheap-o thrift store find metallic, sticking a new white shade on it, and putting it on the white dresser to draw the color from the nightstands across the room.

- The chandelier is SUUUUPER pricey, and definitely not in my future any time soon... but I put it on here because I simply love it. And hey, a girl can (and should) dream.

- We have a little 4-shelf piece in front of the bed that basically looks like a smaller version of our dresser, and I'd love to make a cushion for the top out of the flowered green fabric above to pull in a subtle accent color. I figure I can tweak the insanely simple upholstered headboard tutorials I've been seeing everywhere and do this with some foam and a staple gun in no time. And for another little hint of the green... does anyone that knows how to sew want to make me a pillow or 2 out of the awesome (on sale) green chevron fabric I found? I'll bake you something or take you to dinner in return! :)

One thing I almost forgot is figuring out what to do with our 2 side-by-side windows, which currently have plain (cheap) white blinds on them. I remembered that I bought plain navy blue curtain panels online for literally next to nothing when Linens-n-Things was closing down and haven't used them anywhere yet. The original plan was to put them up in the dining room, but I quickly decided that just would not work in there... so, they may be finding a home in the bedroom soon! Maybe with some fun curtain hooks to hold them back and let the light in?

Clearly, I have a little bit of work cut out for me. Nightstands and walls to paint, artwork to make, lamps to find and update, and a very expensive chandelier to save up for (ha).
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