Monday, February 22, 2010


So, the jute rug I scored on craigslist is in great shape and I love the color. I'm not insanely crazy about the sort of rough texture in the bedroom, as we often walk around in bare feet in there... but the texture is the least of my concerns as Dan seems to be possibly allergic to it. It's been in the bedroom since we picked it up the other day and he's been fine, but he did have little red bumps all over his arm after carrying it in the house and up the stairs. So, chances are if he's not rolling around on it like a puppy there won't be a problem, but is that really worth the risk?

There's the possibility we'll move it to the front porch where we rarely are anyways, but I think instead I would rather repost it on craigslist and use my money towards an 8x11 of this awesome neutral:

The 5x8 was recently $129.99 on Overstock but is currently sold out... and although available all over the web, the 8x11 seems to run WELL out of my price range around $500. One commenter I stumbled on mentioned snatching it for $245, which is much more doable, so I'm on the hunt to find it affordably.

I did a whole lot of nothing project-related this weekend, and although I had good intentions of getting something done today when I was off of work I instead took 2 naps and some tylenol for a fever. I did go to Menards on a paint hunt for another craigslist find I'm saving for a fun before and after reveal, but just couldn't settle on a color out of their fairly small paint swatch collection. Thinking a trip to Home Depot is in the cards this week!

Thanks to my two naps, I'm wide awake at 12:30 in the morning. Not good. Here's hoping I'm not actually getting sick and will be able to get some rest tonight.

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