Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cop Out

I'm in full force on the bedroom makeover! Well, sort of. I'm hard at work trying to negotiate a decent price with an ebay store on the chains rug, I got a multitude of neutral paint swatches Tuesday night to tape up on the walls and check throughout different daylight times, and I made myself a template for the artwork for above the bed. Hopefully some of this will evolve into real changes this weekend.

I also did a little more research about silver leafing the nightstands and started looking up pricing for all of the supplies I would need to complete the project... and while I still love the idea of trying it someday, the materials are currently out of stock on the site I found, and at $50 for a box of 500 leaf sheets, the cost is higher than I would like considering the nightstands are just old furniture I'm looking to spruce up. Sooo, thanks to a bit of googling and a super helpful Home Depot employee, I'm going a different - but still very similar - and insanely affordable route. And that route, my friends, is a gray primer base coated in a gorgeous shade from the Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics line called Ambassador Sterling. Applied with a textured roller, the metallic over the gray base will provide essentially the same "silvery" finish as the leafing, with the same natural imperfections where the primer peeks through the glaze. While a quart of RL Regent Metallic is pricey at around $20, that plus the fancy mini roller and quart of gray tinted Behr primer still ran me under $30. Even better, if all goes as planned the primer will also cover the other funky craigslist find I've been being all secretive about.

I. Am. SO. Excited.

Here's a couple of images from the RL website of walls in some of the bolder Regent Metallic shades:

I truly think this route is going to provide the just-different-enough and just-bold-enough look that I'm going for on the nightstands. At the very least, I'd like to get everything primed this weekend, although I have high hopes for doing all of the painting. Fingers crossed!

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