Monday, March 29, 2010

So Martha

Oh how I have missed the blog world. I miss the inspiration I get from seeing what others post. I miss the fact that when I'm reading all of the blogs I love I actually manage to relax. I miss calling Dan thrilled about a new recipe I found that I just HAVE to try out for dinner as soon as possible. As silly as it may be, keeping up with the blogs I follow is a little part of my day that I treasure and look forward to... and this month, I haven't really been able to make that a priority.

I took 5 minutes this morning after I got out of the shower to click around a bit - what better way to start off a Monday? Within a few clicks I was reading about mercury glass, which I somehow have never really looked at before... and of course I immediately started to picture big tall vases up on my mantle in this gorgeous subtle mirror finish.

Thanks to my wonderful blog friends, I quickly found an INSANELY simple DIY version of mercury glass, from the crafty goddess herself, Martha Stewart.

The tutorial on her website makes this sound so incredibly easy I'm itching to run out to the dollar store for some ugly vases and candle holders and pretty them up right away. And this week's supposed temperatures in the 70's (!!!) would make for perfect outdoor temperatures to tackle this on the little upstairs balcony.

I wonder if there's a DIY way to get the gorgeous colors like these Pottery Barn votives...

(Images from a Google search)

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