Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who knew

So, here's a little secret about me -

I am slightly infatuated with weddings.

Ok ok, more than slightly. And that's not really a secret at all. But whatever. In my own defense, I've decided that my love for all things wedding can and should eventually turn into me being a wedding/event planner... so I figure if I can turn this all into a dream job, it will all be worth it in the end. Right?

Either way, my daily dose of wedding goodness most often comes from Style Me Pretty, which houses the most eye candy you will ever find in one place if you ask me. Often times, I'll save images into my huge "inspiration" folder - a cake that I love, a dessert table that I want to replicate for a party, a clever use of damask, a gorgeous invitation suite. But today... oh, today, I loved every last little bit of the featured wedding, and I have yet to get it out of my head.

Style Me Pretty is famous for their inspiration boards, so I grabbed the images from today's wedding that I loved most and dropped them into my own little board to keep for future reference. You know, when I plan my own wedding someday. This here, my friends, is so close to exactly what I want my big day to look like, and I can only imagine it would feel as perfect as it looks.

(Image can be clicked to make it bigger. All photos from Style Me Pretty)

Do you see what I see? A GORGEOUS laid back bride with turquoise flats!! Turquoise!!! Flats!!! Oh how I love the idea of not stumbling around in heels all day when I'm clearly trying to focus on other things. I have (obviously) already decided that these shoes and my feet must meet, and another blog favorite - The Possessionista - is being a huge help in trying to track these Jeffrey Campbells down for me. :)

Other things I love about this... simple, light flowers, shrimp appetizers, outdoor games, twinkling lights, the menu card tucked into the napkin on a simple square plate with only as much silverware as you actually need and not a single piece more, and the overall casual but still elegant feel of the event. I also love love LOVE when photographers bring furniture outside for shoots, so that moment of the couple on the couch in a field has me swooning.

My absolute favorite part of this entire thing? When I sent the link to Dan to tell him this wedding was screaming my name, he said "I thought you don't like veils or sashes?" when he saw a full shot of the bride. Which means that no matter how much he doesn't care at all about the details, when I'm going on and on about wedding stuff that we clearly don't even need to be thinking about yet, he does listen! ;)

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The Broken Road said...

I'm Glad you will be helping me with mine! ;)

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